Pocket doctor
Taking care of your health
High-quality information services based on monitoring and health data analysis
Personal patient profile
Systematization and safe storage of patients' information.
Mobile application and Web-interface
Instant access to medical record from any device.
Recommendation engine
Providing professional recommendations based on
medical records data and test results.
Interfaces for partners
Secure API access to the platform data and services for partners.
Personal patient
Health diaries
Control your vital signs records.
Based on the patient medical record.
Test results
Storage and automated analysis of the medical data.
Telemedicine service
Online chat, voice and video calls.
Interfaces for partners
Integration with electronic appointment systems
Uploading test results into users' medical record
Safe access to patients' medical data from any device
Getting doctors/clinics referrals for tests
Targeted offers for users
Statistics for prescriptions and medications
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